Thursday Thirteen # 35 – J


Thirteen Things about Kat’s Krackerbox that begin with the letter “J”

1….JESUS is the lover of my heart and the keeper of my soul.  He is my Lord and Savior and I can’t live a single day without Him in my life.

2….JOHN is a popular name in my family.  My brothers name is JOHN, my dad’s confirmation name (also the name he now uses as his middle name) is JOHN, my dad’s father had two brother’s named JOHN (one died at 2 years old so they named the next son after him), AND my mother’s father’s father was named JOHN

3….I have a step-grandson named JOSHUA.  He’ll be a year old at the end of May.

4….One of my son’s was born in JULY on my great grandmother’s birthday.  The doctor induced labor for almost 18 hours before breaking my water and having to do an emergency C-section.  My son’s face came down when the doctor broke the water instead of the top of his head and it could have broken his neck.

5….In the early 1980’s, JOURNEY was one of my favorite bands.

6….When I was 6-months pregnant with one of my son’s, I spent a couple of hours in JAIL for a hot check.  My uncle bonded me out!  Thank goodness for uncles like that!  :-)

7….Last year, I had JURY DUTY for three days.  It was age discrimination and we awared the employee monetary damages for her loss of employment.

8….I LOVE Arby’s JAMOCHA shakes but I don’t like coffee.

9….After high school, I lived in JACKSONVILLE  with my first husband.  When we divorced, I was living in housing in JACKSONVILLE and this is where my middle son was playing with matches and caught his closet on fire.  We all got out safely but had to move to a different apartment.

10…I have a black JAGUAR as the wallpaper on my computer and as my avatar on WordPress.  I always wanted a JAGUAR (car)!  Any color, didn’t have to be black!

11…I use to keep a JOURNAL (diary some people call it) but when I got with my ex-husband, I ripped the pages in half and threw it all away.  Yes, sometimes I wish I hadn’t done that because there are things that I don’t remember…maybe not remembering them is a good thing!

12…In my current JOB, I am a legal administrative assistant.

13…I will be JUMPING with JOY when I get my federal stimulus rebate check in May!

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24 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen # 35 – J

  1. Great list:) If you asked my bf what his favorite thing was that started with a J would be…Jack in the Box fast food…lol. Happy TT and thanks for stopping by.

  2. Awesome “J” list! I had jury duty in January for a week and it was really interesting- ours was a theft case (60 Flat Screen TVs stolen along with a semi). In the end they didn’t have enough evidence to incriminate the guy, plus in reality the truck driver sold the truck and the tvs inside it…lol!

  3. We won’t see our stimulus check until late June or July. I loved Journey, his voice was so awesome.
    Great TT, I plan to do the A-Z eventually but, not in order…I am just goofy like that…
    I had fun visiting your TT.
    Mine is at The Cafe.
    Hope you’ll drop by.

  4. Now we have a lot in common. Joshua is my almost 8yo son. I love Jesus, and jaguars, except I’d like to drive one, one day, and I couldn’t make a trip to Arby’s without a Jamocha shake.
    And one of my favorite flowers is the Daffodil, and your photo is absolutly beautiful.

    Have a great Thursday!

  5. I would have thought that “j” would be a hard one. You made it look easy. Enjoy your stimulus check. Your’s will be spent before I even get mine – sometime in “J”uly! Some things are just not fair. Happy TT

  6. Kat, my sons are Jonathan and Justin! I very briefly considered naming my daughter Jillian, so she’d fit the pattern…but I have ALWAYS wanted a daughter named Elizabeth, so that’s what she is!

    Great “J” list. Thanks for checking out my TT!

  7. John’s a popular name in my family too. Great collection of J’s in your life, Kat. DH’s family is still in Jacksonville, nice area, but too humid for me. Happy TT!

  8. Here is the schedule for the stimulus checks:,,id=180250,00.html

    Thank you all for your beautiful comments. I hope your day have been brighter than ours. We found out that a tree fell on top of my stepsons mother’s mobile home and put a hole in the corner of the roof over the bathtub. At least the water’s not getting on the carpet or furniture! She should be more positive! :-)

    Y’all have an AWESOME weekend!

  9. I think direct deposit is the fastest way to get your stimulus check – and we’re anticipating ours in May too ;)
    Good list – and thanks for another idea for TT – the alphabet – I should have the next 26 weeks covered, eh?

  10. Those are a lot of great J’s. I have a quite a few in my life. My husband and one of my daughter’s have J names. Our anniversary is in July and our youngest was born in July also. :) I got out of Jury duty last month because of that very daughter…she’s breastfeeding and won’t take a bottle. It was a great way to get out of it. LOL!

  11. great list! I love the way you’re taking it one letter at a time. good idea. I am so disappointed, I’ve linked incorrectly and everyone is ONLY seeing the first TT that I did 3 weeks ago! :(( ( but happy you visited me anyway :)

  12. great list…very innovative…for me J is all about my brother being JEALOUS for all the attention I used to get!lol…though the plates turned at a later phase in our life! Thanks for stopping by! Hape a great week end!

  13. I marvel at you coming up each week with 13 things related to the consecutive letters of the alphabet. Methinks I’d get to about 5 and be done with it … but I do enjoy learning about you on Thursdays.
    Hugs and blessings,

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